Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Forward to Uncorked

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In honor of Daylight Savings time here is a "spring forward" blog. Uncorked JUNKMARKET Style, Spring Edition is all about just that…Spring. If you love organics, creative planters, goods for your garden and vintage furniture for the great outdoors then you won't be disappointed with what you uncover at Uncorked. I know the dealers onboard are busily collecting, revamping, painting and vignetting to bring you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. I too am putting together the look and feel of the JUNKMARKET show displays. How do I start? I need to do something creative to get into the spirit of things. I've been curating a collection of vintage ceramics that I believe are hot for spring and summer vintage decor. To get my creative juices flowing yesterday I did a "spring forward" tabletop utilizing some of them.


Here are just three of the vintage ceramics pieces I am hoarding for Uncorked. I'm liking simple and clean. I chose soft gray and white so the flowers would take center stage. I dressed just one of the pieces for a "pop" and left the others naked. Grasses are one of my favorite organic elements to work with. They are pliable and can maintain their fresh look outside of water for quite some time.

Whites, whites, and whites...mixed with shades of gray, green and pink. A beautiful color way for Easter, Mother's Day, a May Day celebration or just a spring or summer girlfriend gathering. This could even work for a wedding! Its all about options folks. Flowers used are Hydrangea, tulips and thistle.

Feel free to add craft products you have around the house to add to your vignette. LOVE the little ball of string utilized as a personal bud vase and the cheap paint brush dolled up with craft paper adds a bit of whimsy. And there you have it folks. Now that I have been inspired I can go in search of more nifty-noodle ceramic pieces to unleash at uncorked. Have a great day!


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