Fresh Faces of JUNKMARKET Style

Here are some of the Fresh Faces of JUNKMARKET Style who were Participating Vendors at JUNKMARKET''s Pamper Yourself Trunk Show held February 2, 2013 at Otten Bros. in Long Lake, MN.         

Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET
"Queen Bee of Junking" 
Editor-in-Chief and Founder of JunkMarket Style
Sue's Website: JUNKMARKETStyle

I am the baby of six children and you know what that means. I grew up with a lot of gently used stuff. Ah,hahaha! After going through five children and finally landing at my door step the hand-me-downs looked a little more like junk. I guess that’s when the love affair began! In order to be stylish, I had to learn how to do a little “snip-tuck” on boy’s jeans to make them work for me, I had to learn how to remake boys’ toys into something a little girl might like to play with, and deal with my play room better known as the garage. I got into all sorts of creative trouble in there…my Dad’s golf clubs were never playable again, but they sure looked great when he opened up his Father’s Day gift of bookends made from his “brand spanking new” woods. Ooopsie, doops! They told me the garage was fair game. It‘s the thought that counts, right?! My childhood cemented my future. I may have strayed a bit here and there, but I have always felt most comfortable with items that have a story to tell. Stories are what make a house a home.

Lanette Lorsung
"Industrial & Industrious"
Senior Editor on JMS & Vendor
Lanette on JUNKMARKET Style
Lanette's website: Cottage Elements 

I've been a lover of old things since a child. My dad collected old signs, clocks, radios, furniture as long as I can remember so I think its an inherited trait. My tastes have evolved over the years, from strictly old to a mix of both. But I love old things and love to think about who originally owned the item. I tend to lean towards industrial or architectural elements, rusty or chippy items.  I have my own business, Cottage Elements, where I sell my goods at local shoppes and events.  You can find me as a Senior Editor and contributor on JUNKMARKETStyle and on my Cottage Elements blog.

Tracie and Lee Anderson
Industrial Enthusiasts & Vendors
Lee & Tracie's website:  Histories
Lee & Tracie's facebook Page:  Histories

Histories is an offering of home accessories and furniture. Bits and parts of diverse background uses are blended to create pieces that we hope will tickle you. Each piece has its own story to tell. Please take the time to look with your eyes, feel with your hands and listen to your heart, then you will know which piece belongs in your home. We are motivated by our love of architectural, industrial and primitve elements. 

Annie de Jongh
 Modern Day Hunter/Gatherer & Vendor
Annie's website: Grace and Corazon

I'm the oldest of 3, a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter...I love old things, and rusty things, and things in need of rescue...I guess I'm a modern day hunter-gatherer. I'm inspired by what has been pushed aside and forgotten, pieces with history and the well worn. I'd rather be at a garage sale, thrift store, or auction pawing through junk to find my next inspiration than anywhere else. With my jewelry I hope to do many things including create soulful pieces, add whimsy and bring the past into the present. Most of my pieces are created with antique European medals, upcycled leather and semi-precious stones. Hopefully with my intent Grace & Corazon brings an eclectic line of jewelry that is quirky and fun rather than serious and predictable! I truly love what I do, and hope you will too!

Marge Utley
 Seamstress, Carhop & Vendor
Marge's website:   Emma’s Nook & Granny

Even though I sewed through my fingernail at the age of six (Mom never should have said, “… and don’t touch the treadle sewing machine.”), I developed a love of sewing just a few short years later. At 16, I worked as a carhop the entire summer to buy my very own sewing machine. A few machines later, I am still sewing, often using vintage textiles, grain sacks, and worn out jeans. In addition, I enjoy a good treasure hunt. I gravitate towards a simple look, rusty and chippy, worn and well-loved with plenty of character. I offer a blend of vintage, repurposed, restyled and handmade one-of-a-kind treasures you are sure to love.

Pfarkel Sisters of Junk{re}defined
Curbside Junkers & Vendors
The Pfarkel's website:  Junk {re} defined

Three sisters growing up together in rural SE MN. As teenagers and young adults we junked, recycled and repurposed because we had to; now we do it because we enjoy it. The hunt is great fun, reworking an item for a new purpose really gets our creative juices flowing and then sharing the finished product with other junkers and shoppers gives us our final reward!  We enjoy junking for an eclectic mix (we are great curbside pickers) chippy white or chippy whatever the color, farm country, cottage garden and other misc vintage items. You can find us at

Jolie Raimondo
Artistic woman & Vendor
Jolie Website:  Jolie Raimondo

When trying to describe what I do I have often struggled. I used to say. I'm a painter, but people confused it with painting houses. I finally was able to say Artist, but it took me a long time. To me it seemed such a lofty title, don't ask me why. I now embrace it. Painting is what I do and a big part of who I am. I love it and have so much gratitude that I get to do what I adore. Paintings, furniture, and home decor....I do it all. The variety keeps things interesting. I really hope my joy shines through in each and every piece.

Sara Swanson
 Fantastic Stylist, Robot-ist & Vendor
Sara's Business:  Minnesota Robot Co.

I am a mother of 3 adorable children, owner of a hair salon, and was born with the creative gene. So I was thinking, what can I create with all my spare time? That’s when Minnesota Robot Co. became my new project. It has been an exciting outlet for my imagination. Finding all sorts of cool junk and vintage components to make my one of a kind “Minn-Bots” has been so fun. My husband has even let me invade his garage for the construction of these unique conversation pieces. Can’t wait to join the JUNKMARKET event to show you all I do.

Lori Gravink
Daring Designer & Vendor
Lori's website: LaDeeDa Design

“Ladeeda , ladeeeda…” Diane Keaton as Annie Hall, 1977 - LaDeeDa Design grew from my love of textiles, vintage wear and the movie, “Annie Hall” Diane Keaton’s portrayal of Annie Hall was fashion forward for 1977. Her funky and eclectic style included designer wear, men's ties, flirty skirts and cowboy boots. It was and still is fabulous! 

I’m an artist, designer, stylist, and an ever evolving rogue. I’ve been known to refer to myself as “Ladeeda” and it’s my customers that inspire me. LaDeeDa Design features one of a kind clothing, vintage and upcycled wear and accessories. You can track the travels and adventure of LaDeeDa Design on her blog, local trunk show and events and select retailers.

Julie Pierce
 Ever Evolving Style & Vendor
Julie's Website:  The Loft on 2nd 

Growing up I can remember my mother constantly changing our home decor.  And as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I have definitely followed in her footsteps. Not one to let any grass grow under my feet, I consider myself a mover and a shaker. My house is contantly evolving, from the ever changing of my wall colors, to my furniture and wall art. I love a mixture of style, from retro to contemporary. I also remember my mother, who is a true artist in every since of the word, creating beautiful pieces of artwork. I have also followered after her in this aspect, but have combined it with my love for repurposing and restoring vintage finds into eclectic designs.  I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine by opening up my own store called The Loft on 2nd in Anoka, Minnesota in September of 2010.  It was a journey I will never forget, but have since moved on to new indevours in the industry.  Stay tuned for future chapters!

Mary DenHartigh
 Mender of Time-Worn Treasures & Vendor
Mary's Website:  Mary Jeans

A move from Southern California to the Midwest as a young adult, Mom’s encouraging sewing instruction, and the passion for creative expression helped develop my ever changing handmade products.  My love of vintage started long ago and I was always making something new with a “time worn” look. Friends were always asking for one of my creations, so began my journey into the retail world. From clothing to home accessories my collection features the use of many color, texture, and pattern combinations.   The use of new and recycled materials can be found in my ever changing product line. Velvet and chenille textiles are the main stay of the “Mary Jeans” custom as well as product line of patchwork pillows and accessories. It’s a must to softly caress the ruffled velvet while strolling past the merchandise. Life is short we must enjoy and share with others!

Laurel Putman
Charming Junker & Vendor
Laurel on JUNKMARKET Style
Laurel's Website:  Chipping with Charm
I have a passion for decorating, collecting and repurposing all things chippy, rusty and crusty…hence, the name of my little business “Chipping with Charm”. I sell a little bit of  “this and that”…basically whatever I can get my hands on to embellish with crystals, chippy hardware or old keys. At the moment I am loving projects with sheet music and old book pages…but really nothing is “off limits” once an idea hits. I think pretty soon my sweet husband is going to put a lock on the garage door before another one of his rusty hinges or old tools gets a new life as a flower or picture holder. What can I say? I just can’t stop myself…

I have the joy of selling my wares here and there as well as the honor of sharing my ideas as a Contributor on JUNKMARKET Style.

Amy Grillo-Lee & Ann McCue
“Bringing a Smile in Every Pile” & Vendor
Amy & Ann's Business:  Pickin & Grinnin

As longtime friends and partners in junk, we are the creative team behind “Pickin & Grinnin”. We are huge fans of all things weathered and worn and we hope our one of a kind creations will speak to you the way they speak to us! We love the challenge of coming up with new pieces for home and garden using treasures from our ever changing pile of “rough stock”.

Stop by and check out our unique creations as well as our supply of “finds” for your own projects! When it comes to all things junk, our motto is: “Go There”!!

Tammy Rice
Self-Taught Recyling Artist, & Vendor
Tammy's Business: Stonyhill & Companies

Hi, my name is Tammy Rice.  I am a self-taught artist from Minnesota.  I enjoy taking discarded or used materials and recycling them into distinctive new creations.  My collections are made from various discarded inner tubes & found objects.  Currently I am using tractor, dump truck, automotive, pedal bike & motorcycle tubes.  Each piece is hand-designed and is recycled from used and discarded to the opposite spectrum, to keep you and our planet beautiful.